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Why Should Companies Or Businesses Consider Hiring VIP Protection?

For instance, if a person is going to be spend time in a “high-risk” area where criminal activity is well-known, then he or she would be safer if accompanied by an armed off duty or retired police officer. The more time spent in and among the public, where anyone or everyone has access to a person with money or fame, the more likely they’ll benefit from having VIP protection at their side.

Social Media Monitoring

According To Forbes

According to Forbes, there are 4.02 billion internet users around the globe — that’s 53% of the world’s total population. Active social media users make up 42% of the population. This alone proves that social media is here to stay, if not to flourish further.

Cyber Security

With Global Cybercrime Damages Predicted To Cost $6 Trillion Annually By 2021
it’s important to know about the potential threat cybercrime poses, the impact it has and what can be done about it. One of the biggest problems is that there is just so much information. Not only is the nature of threats constantly evolving, but the responses to them differ across the globe. For example, one of the newest threats to consumers is not the loss of their data, but the use of their devices for bit coin mining. In fact, Symantec, a leading American software company, found that there was an 8,500 percent increase in the detection of coin miners